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WaterPlus of Virginia

Our History

We recently celebrated our 33rd year in business after our humble beginning on November 9, 1987. The company was founded by James Tabron four years after purchasing a home water distillation system. He purchased a franchise under another company, offering “self-service” distilled water to the general public. The company grew slowly at that time, since the bottled water industry was just in its infancy.  In 1995, the company was rebranded as WaterPlus of Virginia and now serves customers throughout the seven cities of Hampton Roads, offering an array of water and health related products; such as, self-service bottled water, water distillers, reverse osmosis filtration systems, alkaline water systems, and water dispensing systems, along with vitamin and herbal products.

Please stop by our location at 5950 Poplar Hall Drive, Norfolk, VA 23502, near the Military Circle area or call us at 757-466-7293.