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Self Service Bottled Water

Distilled•Reverse Osmosis•Alkaline

Water Coolers & Purification Systems

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Self Service

We have a full line of various containers. We have various colors and sizes, all BPA Free.  Also available are spouts, caps, filters and more, or bring your own containers.

Alkaline Water NOW AVAILABLE

Water Sale 

Pay in advance and save!  •  Regular Price $.76 cents  •  Seniors $.68 cents

40 Gallons (.68¢)


including tax

80 Gallons (.67¢)


including tax

120 Gallons (.66¢)


including tax

200 Gallons (.65¢)


including tax

300 Gallons (.64¢)


including tax

400 Gallons (.63¢)


including tax

600 Gallons (.61¢)


including tax

800 Gallons (.59¢)


including tax

**Offer and prices subject to change without notice**

How much of the body is water?

Your body is approximately 70% water by volume.  The primary functions of water are to transport nutrients, lubricate the joints and organs, regulate temperature and transport waste material.  Babies and kids have a higher percentage of water by volume than adults.  Larger people have a lower percentage than thinner people.  The message…stay hydrated!




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